Roger D. Grubbs

Best-Selling Novelist and Publisher

What does it take to achieve your goals and dreams? Patience. Persistence. Network. Engagement. Take it from best-selling Novelist and Publication Owner, Roger Grubbs who has decades worth of invaluable experience. Getting his start in publication, advertising, marketing, and promotions, his journey was being executed from the ground up. Writing newsletter publications transformed into his love for writing novels and his very own in-house publication company, Books By Roger Grubbs. What’s next on the list? Movie production. This self-owned and self-contained publishing company is a smart business setup. They’ve already had the writing skills needed, the correct equipment and materials needed, all they had to do was get started and GO.


Do you think writing is easy? Think again. Mr. Grubbs chronicles how his first few novels were not easy to write. Yet, with dedication, determination, and persistence, he honed in on his skills and progressed and excelled. Within 10 years of his creative writing career, he wrote 61 novels. He now has 51 screenplays and counting, some which are geared to become movie productions with A-List industry personnel.  Among the likes of Chris Pratt and George Clooney.


What is your story? What is your legacy? Mr. Grubbs counts on how he generates all of his works and stories naturally and organically. His influence and inspiration comes from within to originate his own ideas. What is the key to keeping your ideas fresh? You keep building on that imagination and creativity. If you notice your work becoming boring or stale, you crank it up to make it interesting. You want to create something that people would want to read or watch over and over again. Mr. Grubbs talks about how his characters tell the story. 

Among his many screenplays, we talk candidly about the Bounty Hunter, which will be inspired by his novel of the same title. This is one of his screenplays that landed on George Clooney’s desk. Very exciting!

What will it take for an infamous bounty hunter to come out of retirement to search for Ed “The Bull” Malone, a vicious killer?

Another one of his novels mentioned to enter movie production in the near future is North By Northwest

A twelve-year-old witnesses a murder while hidding in a forbidden train car.  Years later he returns to the exact spot, holding in the palm of his hand a key he retrieved on that dreadful night.  What mysteries will the key unlock?


Take it from a veteran in the industry. Writing and becoming a published author is not as easy as some may make it seem. Then again, we don’t know their story, so maybe they have lived through the trials and tribulations; the frustrations and the stresses this industry can cause. Mr. Grubbs expresses how patience is definitely key. For one, the industry is very competitive. Writing may be one of the most competitive industries out there. You have thousands upon millions of people pursuing your niche. But you must not let that intimidate you from creating your own story.


Just as important as patience is network and publicity. Mr. Grubbs explains how he had to do countless publicity, including radio shows and online promoting. But more importantly, WORD OF MOUTH. This will be your best friend in generating buzz and attention to your work and getting your name out. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Networking and promoting is like a full-time job. You have to show up more days than not.

Wise words from Mr. Roger Grubbs: Patience, Collaboration and Networking are your best friends in this industry.

To find out more about Best-selling Novelist and Publisher Roger Grubbs and his work, check out the following sites.

Books By Roger Grubbs





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