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Finding Your JOY

What is your joy in life? What is your true calling? What is your passion? Joycelyn Wells is more than just a Writer, Author, Blogger, and Podcaster. She’s motivational, inspirational, enlightening, an enthusiast of all that breathes life. She explains how, at first, she wasn’t much of a writer, but she loved words and she loved to read. Words were her passion. Books were her joy. Lying within the world of literature was an uplifting journey that would unlock doors to what she couldn’t imagine until she took control of any fear and reservations she’s had, and she made that leap of faith.

Finding Your VOICE

What do you want to say? What is that voice inside your mind – your heart – trying to get you to pay attention to and say? Joycelyn recollects how she had a rejuvenating experience that needed to get out. She kept a journal and wrote her experiences there. That journal was that voice inside of her that was hinting to her that she needed to tell her story. She shared this journal and experience with a friend, who also informed her that she needed to finish the story and continue. Her friend was that second voice for even more motivation to finish her story. Did she finish her story. She did that and MORE.

That story would be featured in the first of her book series The Virtues of Joy, which consists of three installments; The Virtues of JoyMore Virtues of Joy, and Mor3 Virtues of Joy. This series features a compilation of the many encounters, interactions, and adventures Joycelyn has had in her life. She shares these adventures through short stories laid out in all of her bold, uncensored, unapologetic glory.

She shares a fond moment of when she met a man years ago and she asked him to give her a bath. She recollects more of this story in a blog post on her website and she titles it Patience. The moral of this story is about the virtue of patience in everything you do. In the case of the story and her encounter and experience, it was patience of oneself and carnal desires.

A statement on Joycelyn’s website that caught my attention:

I remember the day that I realized I can read about sex.

Joycelyn Wells

So…naturally and humanly, I picked her brain on this statement. She elaborates on how she was, in fact, reading a book and how the words on the page had so much passion and life in them that she was engrossed on how they made her feel. A complete stimulation and arousal of words – mentally, emotionally, physically. All of the components a great story should be.

What is the recipe of a great story? Joycelyn counts a fond moment when her granddaughter licked her finger and rubbed it over a mosquito bite she’d gotten to make it feel better and heal. A great storyteller with the love of words and it shows. More importantly, PASSION. You have to have passion; in yourself, in everything you do. The world is your stage deriving pleasure from your talent, and you are the artist.

Speaking of art, Joycelyn goes on to express how her imagination is her biggest friend. She envisions erotic experiences and sets out to on those ventures. She recollects another fond experience when she travelled to Mount Vesuvius in Italy. She had envisioned herself on this trip many times and set out to make that dream a reality. She didn’t let minor obstacles get in the way of her dream and her passion, explaining how she had a mishap where she hurt her foot and she thought it was broken.


Health, Happiness and Love are beneficial and crucial in EVERYTHING you do. In life. In your career. These are three universal components that make up who we are as individuals and how our individual lives form, progress, and excel. Joycelyn breaks it down in truth how happiness is a CHOICE. You have to choose to be happy and made choices that bring you happiness. If you’re not doing what you LOVE, what you’re PASSIONATE about, and what makes you HAPPY, then there is no point. To be happy is to look within oneself.

LOVE. What is love? What is unconditional love? Joycelyn expresses how; when you live in a place of unconditional love, you see people how they ARE. Not how you WANT them to be. Meaningful connections and relationships help shape who we are and our lives. Joycelyn elaborates on her book The Weekend of the Traveling Roses, about the adventures of Chance and Joy. She recollects a fond moment when he bought her roses and the roses traveled with them the whole weekend to all of their destinations.

Finding Your FREEDOM

What is freedom? What does it mean to be “free”? Joycelyn hosts a podcast show called Joy Exposed, and she talks about this topic among other subjects. She elaborates on how life’s situations and circumstances should not hold you back or interfere with your purpose and your passions. People should not hold you back from progressing and manifesting in life the way you see fit. Freeing yourself from any boundaries and barriers that may hold you back and learning to overcome those barriers. This goes hand-in-hand with those choices you need to make from within. She goes on to share how she starts each podcast show with a segment called “Three Cheers of Joy”, and the purpose is to discover and admire three moments of SELF celebration that doesn’t tie in with anyone outside of themselves.


Life can bring about some unfavorable trials, tribulations and struggles. There are some unsavory characters in the world with some horrible intentions. Joycelyn elaborates on how the SHAPE Series – Self Help And Personal Empowerment – is designed to dealing with what life can throw at you and overcoming it. She highlights liars, gaslighting and depression as some of the few examples of the personal battles one can have.

Future works in progress: Happiness Begins With I, which will consist of how to achieve a level of awareness and safety. She mentions Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and recognizing where you are in life, and how to get to a place of safety within yourself.

Words of Wisdom from Writer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, and Enthusiast Joycelyn Wells: Write without anyone else in mind. Be truthful to your words. Don’t write with the fear of outside criticism and judgment. What is the universe calling you to do? 

I don’t have a middle place that I exist. I’m either going to exist for the goodness of the universe, or I won’t exist.

Joycelyn Wells

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