Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, Comedian and Podcaster


One essential term and attribute that goes hand-in-hand with anything you do, but even more so crucial in the entertainment field. Comedian, Aaron Smith, travels back in time and collects how he loved making people laugh since he was younger. When asked what the most memorable part of his career is, he recollects his first show at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, where all of his friends and family attended and supporting him in his passion. The support of the people you love most is very important and helps set you up for success.

BEING YOUR SELF, being true to yourself, staying focused, and not letting anyone deter you. When asked how he deals with criticism, especially negative criticism, Aaron states how he doesn’t care. He goes on to explain how he’s always been outspoken, and it has been proven a problem amongst critics. Yet, the vigorous field of comedy is about freely and unapologetically speaking your mind.  Interestingly enough, the biggest critics of comedians are other comedians.

“At the end of the day, I’m going to be me, and I’m going to enjoy being me.”

Aaron Smith


Most people have others they look up to and aspire. When asked are there any other comedians that inspire him, Aaron mentions legendary comedians, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Eddie Murphy. He reminisces on how he used to impersonate Eddie Murphy when he was younger.

“Storytelling, I believe, is what’s missing in comedy. I like to tell a tale, and once that happens, you grab the audience and keep them engaged.:

Aaron Smith


Comedy and Podcasting is not an easy career to get into. Of course, that can be said about the entertainment field in general. Yet, Aaron expresses how one needs to stay focused. It is a lot of work and staying persistent will generate success. One definitely has to have a certain mindset. Aaron likes to stay persistent by consistently writing jokes and doing that prepping that is required to be successful. He goes on further to discuss how he would hang out at open mics and check out other comedians as well as do some freestyle of his own.

There are trials and tribulations with everything you do. There will be pros and cons to any career choice. Aaron expresses how you have an idea and stick with it. It’s going to be rough the first time around, but you have to find your niche and figure out what works for you.

Words of wisdom from Comedian/Podcaster Aaron Smith:

“Be yourself. Keep it real, and stick to what you know.”

Aaron Smith

To learn more about Comedian/Podcaster Aaron Smith, check him out:


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