Glam Up The Day

This week has been a little but hectic lately. But, I was still able to have fun with my e.l.f. makeup. The things that I did with this makeup on my face really made the week go by just a little bit more smoother for me. I had fun matching up different types of eyeshadow for the lovely brown eyes of mine. With a little bit of fun, my makeup could not look any better.

On Monday, I was able to get my hands on my “Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Pallet” by e.l.f. I decided to use the misty blue color as my primary color for my eyes. I wanted to have this nice ice cold look on my face. During this day, I was wearing a light blue t-shirt to work. Therefore, I wanted my eyes to match the color of my top.
I wanted my eye makeup to be bright, but not so loud on the face. In order to give me such a bright but toned down color, I added the color ivory from my customized compact from e.l.f. This color was able to tame the misty blue into a much more glamourous color. The ivory color was able to allow the sparkle of the misty blue shine within the eyes. It was able to allow the misty blue to look more unique and beautiful on my gorgeous face. With these colors together, my eyes could not look even better.

On Tuesday, I decided to go dark with the makeup. The warm weather is slowly dying out so, why not go for the much darker colors? I went for the minimal color from my “Take Me To… Stockholm” eyeshadow palette by Mavie. Minimal is this beautiful black color that anyone can rock to. The color black will always be that color that would enhance the look, or make it its own. That is why it was no problem when applying this color on my face. It had no problem enhancing the bold look of the clay brown color from my “Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Pallet” by e.l.f. The minimal color was able to give the clay brown color a much more daring and sophisticated look to it. With the minimal’s classic look, it is able to give the clay brown color a much more chocolate flavor to it. The clay brown is able to have that pure rich mocha vibe that is just enchanting to the eyes. With these two eyeshadow colors, having such a daring look can be fun.


On Wednesday, I decided to go green with hint of sparkle with it. I used the dinero from my “Annette 69” eyeshadow palette. This apple green color had my beautiful brown eyes looking so delightful. However, it still does not hurt to enhance a delightful color. I went back to the “Annette 69” eyeshadow palette and applied the unstoppable color over the dinero color. The darkish purple was cute but, it needed a little bit of an enhancement as well. I went for my “Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Pallet” by e.l.f and applied the light brown color on top of the unstoppable. This color was able to allow the two previous colors to glam up with confidence and passion. These three colors made the eyes look exciting and sweet in just one look. With these three colors, my beautiful brown eyes could not go wrong looking so amazing.

Despite of my hectic week, I was able to pull through with glamour. With beautiful makeup as mine, a hard day can be easy to pull through.

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