Matt Tracey

Matt Tracey, Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilder


What motivates you? What gives you the drive to reach your goals and dreams? When asked when he knew bodybuilding and personal training was the career for him, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and Bodybuilder, Matt Tracey explains how he worked in carpentry prior, but it wasn’t the right job for him. Matt also recollects a point in his life where he was emotionally bullied due to his physical appearance, and people doubting him with harsh criticism and negativity. Confidence is a huge part in achieving your goals, and it gave him the motivation he needed to push himself to make a change. Always believing in yourself and your abilities, staying positive, and not focusing on the negativity.

“If you get caught up in the negativity, you can self-destruct.”

Matt Tracey

When asked if there were any other people in the industry that inspires and motivates him, Matt mentions Brandon Flex and Bodybuilding couple, Harald and Iza.


Here is an attribute that is crucial, yet not all people portray. When asked what it means to embrace your inner beauty, Matt expresses how empathy is one of the best traits a person can have. Being nice to people and understanding what they may be going through is a universal language. When it comes to the world of bodybuilding and fitness training, empathy lies at the core.

“Just be nice to people.”

Matt Tracey


When it comes to health, persistence and consistency is key. Matt explains how this is very crucial in attaining your goals, and even more-so when it comes to health. Having a healthy diet and exercising goes hand-in-hand.  Being consistence with your diet and your workouts. Showing up everyday and holding yourself accountable will help you reach your goals.

“Personal training is more mental than physical.”

Matt Tracey

Words wise from Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder and Fitness Model, Matt Tracey:

“Start young. Don’t start late. Don’t get frustrated. Eventually it will become a habit.”

Matt Tracey

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