Tanesha Davenport

Tanesha “Tiny” Davenport, Cosplayer, Fashion Model, and Makeup Artist


What is your motivation? You have to have motivation in everything you do. When asked what motivates her to get up and take on the world every day, Makeup Artist and Cosplayer, Tanesha Davenport expresses how her son is a big motivation for her. Family is a vital part of your success. One of the biggest forms of support one can have.


What inspires you? When asked if she had any role models in the industry, Tanesha mentions some of her favorites, including Tailor-Made Jane, BeatsByDeb Cosmetics, Tiffany J., and Briana Marie. But she also gets inspiration from other makeup videos on Instagram.


Embracing your beauty is crucial. When asked what is beauty and how she embraces beauty, Tanesha expresses how beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.

“Embracing beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.”

Tanesha Davenport

Words of Wisdom from Cosplayer, Fashion Model and Makeup Artist, Tanesha Davenport:

“PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. You will not be very good at first, and you will notice the difference between your looks and others. The difference is that they practiced. Just keep on going.”

Tanesha Davenport

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