Arielle Davis

Arielle Davis, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Certified Make-Up Artist, Master Lash Technician, Microblading Specialist

“Hi, Beauty! How are you today?”

Arielle Davis


What does it mean to “Look Good and Live Luxe”? Business Owner, Arielle Davis is the fashionista behind this lifestyle brand, which is centered around making women feel beautiful. She stands by this philosophy by offering many services in her expertise, including beauty, health and nutrition, and education. 

It goes without saying that this is a philosophy that is essential in life and everything that revolves around it. Maintaining beauty and health is very important, and Look Good, Live Luxe stands by this philosophy. 

Arielle goes on to elaborate how she puts to work making women feel beautiful. When asked; “What is your ritual for making women look and feel beautiful”, she explains how it starts by walking into her beauty studio. All of the beauticians are required to great each visitor with; “Hi, Beauty. How are you today?” 

She further explains how that first question can be a mood lightener to which she makes a very solid point. She explains how a visitor can be having a bad day and that opener usually lightens the mood. This is very good business practice, as you don’t know what someone may be going through, and – as a business owner – helping visitors, customers, and clients feel better is essential.

“All women should feel beautiful, no matter what season of life they are in.”

Look Good, Live Luxe


Knowing how to stay on top of the latest trends and being ahead of the game to unleash those trends is essential in this industry, which can be an art by itself. Arielle explains how she is persistent and stays on top of the game. A lot of us know how busy life can be, especially as an entrepreneur. Arielle explains how she juggles school and work. Knowing how to handle multiple tasks is crucial in this industry.


What does beauty mean to you and how do you embrace beauty? When asked this question, Arielle explains how beauty is about confidence. Along with taking care of yourself, you have to be confident and have high self-esteem. As the saying goes; “Beauty lies skin deep”.

To learn more about Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Certified Make-Up Artist, Master Lash Technician, Microblading Specialist, Arielle Davis, check the following sites:

Look Good, Live Luxe


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