Sevin Diaz

Sevin Diaz, Fashion Model


Passion is one of the key ingredients that drives you to achieve your dreams and goals and turn them into reality. When you are really passionate about something, you will do what you need to in order to achieve it and succeed. When asked when she knew modeling was the career choice for her, Fashion Model, Sevin Diaz expresses how it has always been a passion of hers. Early on, her young age was a factor, but a temporary setback. As she matured in age to where she became mentally and legally independent, she was able to make the decisions she needed to make that would pave the path towards her dreams. 

This is a prime example of not letting minor and temporary obstacles permanently effect your passion. There is always a right moment in time where things will play out in your favor. An essential attribute that correlates to passion is PATIENCE. As the saying goes; “Patience is of virtue”. 

“I want to inspire others and I want to get involved.”

Sevin Diaz

Passion is in everything you do. When asked how she embodies the passion for her career, Sevin expresses how she wants to inspire others and how she wants to get involved.


We’ve all had that little voice of uncertainty in the back of our minds that’s constantly playing over in our heads, saying; “What if?” Sounding like a broken record. Sometimes, all it takes is that special someone or that special moment of awakening that pumps confidence in us like a spark. When asked if there was anyone in the industry that inspires her or motivates her, Sevin expresses how she’s been inspired by a lot of top models, but she felt her height was a setback. Yet, she became highly inspired by a model she saw on Tik Tok, and that gave her boosted confidence she needed to put any fears or uncertainties she has aside and to get to work to make her dreams a reality. She goes on to express witnessing people elevate from poverty into wealth is a big motivation as well.

“I want to be really happy, outgoing and I want to be confident. And I want to give out my best.”

Sevin Diaz


The topic of beauty and embracing your beauty is essential, especially in the fashion and modeling industry. It’s a world that is high-powered by beauty and confidence. From the fashions you wear, to the way your hair is styled, to how flawless your makeup is, and how beautiful your nails are. Its tailored around this idea of perfection. When it comes to this industry, mastering the art of accepting YOUR beauty and being as fierce as the fashions you show on the runway is critical. When asked what beauty means to her and how she embraces her beauty, Sevin explains how beauty has a lot to do with personality.

“I look at beauty from the inside and out. But I think beauty has a lot to do with personality.”

Sevin Diaz

Wise words from Fashion Model, Sevin Diaz:

“I want to be one of the most beautiful girls and give out inspiration to others. I also want to represent my country.”

Sevin Diaz

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