Tionna Moss

Tionna Moss, Fashion Model


A lot of times, inspiration and motivation are our influencers. When asked who her motivators are, Fashion Model, Tionna Moss expresses how she is deeply motivated by her family. Her mom, who pushes her every day to get up and take care of businesses and do what she needs to do to be successful. Her younger sister, who looks up to her and is inspired by her. She also mentions being motivated by Naomi Campbell and Kendell Jenner.


I think criticism – in any industry – but, especially in the entertainment industry is a weight that cannot be completely ignored. There will always be critics who will lift you up, and then there are the ones whose motive is to tear you down. Add that to any underlying self-esteem or self-confidence issues one may be dealing with internally. When asked how she deals with negative criticism, Tionna explains how; if it were to get blown out of proportion to where a response is necessary, she would first do a self-analysis to understand the reason and intention behind it. And this is a very good method, and an important one. A lot of times, a harmless statement could be taken out of context when emotions overshadow rationale.

“Not everyone will like everything that you do, but the group of people that do will always be there to support you. I wouldn’t let the negative criticism outweigh all of the good criticism.”

Tionna Moss


When it comes to the world of fashion and modeling, the term BEAUTY holds a lot of weight. Beauty can mean many things in this industry, but what is crucial is what beauty means to YOU, both externally and internally. When asked what beauty means to her and how she embraces her beauty, Tionna expresses that beauty is accepting yourself no matter what, whether you’re wearing makeup or showing your bare face – you are beautiful. She goes on to elaborate on how showing beauty is uplifting other people.

“I don’t think beauty is only exterior. I think it’s interior, too. You know that there are other beautiful people out there, and you can still acknowledge that you’re beautiful, while uplifting others to make them beautiful as well.”

Tionna Moss


Passion and persistence in anything you do is very important to have. The fashion and modeling industry is essential when it comes to this. It is an artform and needs to be treated as such. You are creating art. You are embracing art. You are showing art. When asked how she embraces her passion, Tionna expresses how she will always let it be known what her passion is and she will be persistent and do what needs to be done to be successful in her passion. This is a crucial approach to ensure that you do not let your passion die.


Life as a fashion model is not as easy as it looks on the outside looking in. Tionna explains how it goes beyond just putting on clothes and walking down the runway. Preparation behind the stage can take hours when you take into consideration practice, wardrobe, makeup, and hair and nails. There are so many different components that need to come together synonymously for smooth and successful results.

In the mornings, she takes the time to eat and prep for the day. She likes to take the time to get behind the scenes photographs and videos to show how it is like behind the stage.

“As a model, it’s my job to have all of my wardrobe and makeup that I need to bring.”

Tionna Moss

Words of Wisdom from Fashion Model, Tionna Moss:

“Don’t let anything hold you back. There are a lot of stereotypes. Just go for it.”

Tionna Moss

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