The Power Of Pink

October is the month full of special things. From candy apples, to pumpkin spice. From county fairs, to Halloween. From raking leaves, to celebrating my birthday. There is always something to celebrate in this wonderful month. But, there is one special thing that October is beyond known for. That special thing is breast cancer awareness month. This is the time of the year to bring awareness of breast cancer and help the one’s who have it. During this year, I started a little bit early with the awareness at the beginning of the spring season. See how I turn the color pink into something more special.

Old Pictures…

During the spring of this year, I was able to be creative with the color pink. Considering that I had so many eyeshadow palettes in pink, it was so easy to be creative. On the first day of spring, I went for my “Miracle” eyeshadow palette by Glamlite. I first applied the color rosa as my base color for my beautiful brown eyes. This beautiful rose pink color had no problem giving my eyes the glamour that it desires. Next, I tried my hands on the color fearless as my secondary color. By adding on this magenta color, it was able to expose the rosa color within the eyes. The rosa color is able to show more of its strong feminine beauty within my eyes once mixing with the fearless color. The fearless and rosa color were able so beautiful together on my eyes. However, I was not finished yet. I added in the color angelic into mix. This sparkling pink color had no problem giving the first two colors a glamourous look the the heart desires. With this eye makeup, my eyes could not look more unique.

The Next Day…

On the second day of spring, I decided to use my sparkling frosty blue color eyeshadow from my e.l.f. Velvet Touch Eyeshadow palette. I wanted to be beyond glammed up for this day. I decided to use the rosa color from the previous day as my secondary color to still have my color pink in my look. However, my eye makeup was way too bright on my face. I decided to use the fearless color from the previous day to darken up my makeup look a little. I applied the color on top of the rosa color. The three colors together gave my gorgeous brown eyes a dazzling new look that the heart desires. With these three eyeshadow colors, my eyes were so breath taking.

The Third Day…

On this day, I was just playing around with my makeup on a raining day. I decided to just go crazy with the color pink. On this day, I decided to use the rosa color as my primary color again. My secondary color was superwoman. This beautiful pink color had no problem bringing out the rosa color within its goddess lifestyle. Despite that these colors were beautiful together, I was not finished just yet. I decided to go to my Mavie’s “Take Me To… Stockholm” makeup palette. I just put just a dab of little bit of minimal color on top of the superwoman color just darken up my makeup eyeshadow a little bit. I was able to blend this black color a little around the eyes just to give a more favorable color. With this new makeup look, my beautiful brown eyes were so irresistible.After having fun with the color pink, I realized how beautiful it and strong it can be. This color is not only beautiful, but strong to use.

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