Andre Divine Grimes

Andre Divine, Actress, Model, Entrepreneur


The life of an artist, entertainer, and entrepreneur can be very busy and challenging. They face hectic schedules around the clock. When asked what a day in the life is like for him, Actor, Model, and Entrepreneur, Andre Divine Grimes elaborates more on his busy schedule. Between exercising, working on various projects, and doing his other daily tasks, life can get pretty hectic, and you’re always on the go. His business ventures being acting, modeling and music.


“I can’t say that I embody it, it just embodies me.”

Andre Divine Grimes

Andre speaks new life into the topic of embodying the passion for one’s career. He expresses how it’s reoccurring dream and thought and how you can’t do too much without your passion and dreams constantly on your mind. If it’s something that you want so bad, you will do what needs to be done to obtain it and achieve it.

Another topic that plays a hand here is motivation. When asked what his motivation is for getting up every day to tackle the world head on, Andre mentions his kids. He further elaborates how he needs to be that big motivation in their lives by showing them how to follow in his footsteps and obtain the same success; by going after what you want in life.

“It’s something that triggers that passion or thought and I’m regularly thinking about it.”

Andre Divine Grimes


Andre expresses an interesting point when asked if there is an alter-ego or imaginary character he envisions to further enhance his character. He mentions how he thinks everyone has an alter-ego, and importantly, it doesn’t always have to do with being good or bad.

“There is an alter-ego that comes out when I step out the house, knowing I am going to some type of production or set of a fashion show.”

Andre Divine Grimes

Alter-egos can be beneficial when it comes to your career. It’s that go-getter and hardworking personality you need to help motivate you to get things done and get closer to achieving your dreams. It also won’t allow you to slack off when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.


Life is all about meeting new people and making meaningful connections. This definitely holds true in the entertainment industry. There are so many good people to meet and make wholesome friendships. When asked who are some people he’s had the opportunity to meet and how have they made an impact on his career, Andre mentions O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson and Clifton Powell.

“Working with the older generation and being able to see their dedication and their drive.”

Andre Divine Grimes

When it comes to your career, you must possess a highly driven personality and work ethics. This is what helps you succeed in obtaining your goals and will continue to generate success in the future.


“Beauty has a lot of meanings, and it goes back to self-care and self-love. As long as you have self-care and self-love, I think beauty goes a long way.”

Andre Divine Grimes


Andre has some personal projects coming out, which will be a bio production about his life. A lot of information is under wraps for now. He is also featured in Saints and Sinners, where season five was recently wrapped up and will be airing in in 2021 and will be gearing up for the Saints & Sinners movie. More information to come at a later date.

Wise words from Actor, Model, Entrepreneur, Andre Divine Grimes:

“Nothing is really given to you. Even after you earn it, you have to keep earning and gaining more respect. If you’re not really dedicated and will not put forth your all, there is no need for straddling the fence. You really have to sacrifice and give it your all.”

Andre Divine Grimes

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