La Aaron Mealy

La Aaron Mealy, Model and Actor

“There was one time when a millionaire came to my middle school, and he says; “Who wants this money?” And threw it on the floor, and I got up and ran to it.”

La Aaron Mealy


How much do you really want it? When it comes to passion and having a go-getter mind set, Model and Actor, La Aaron Mealy can tell you all about it. When asked how does he embody the passion for his career, he shares an invigorating story about a millionaire who visited his middle school, held up some money, asked who wanted it, and threw it on the ground, to which he spared no time running to claim the money. 

“If it’s there and it’s available, you can grasp it.”

La Aaron Mealy

The moral of the story is about wanting something so bad that you do what needs to be done to get it, achieve it, and accomplish it. He also expresses how, whenever there is a film crew in his neighborhood, he takes action by inviting himself onto the set and into the production. This is possessing that drive that’s needed to pursue your goals and turn them into reality. Embracing his passion and having that drive has led to great success for him. He mentions how he can be seen in The Trial of the Chicago 7, a film that recently released on Netflix. Also, The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

“If you’re here, I’m here with you.”

La Aaron Mealy


It’s always interesting to learn how and when people get off into their careers and what motivated them on their journey. When asked when he knew modeling and acting is the career for him, La Aaron recollects how it started in high school. His English teacher persuaded him to try out for a play, to which he did, and he received a standing ovation. He was playing football at the time and decided acting is his passion, and he transitioned from football to acting. Sometimes passion and what drives us comes in the form of trying out things we are unfamiliar with and stepping out of the comfort zone. Sometimes the comfort zone can hinder us from seeking our passions, goals, and dreams. 

Inspiration comes into play when it comes to working towards your goals and dreams. When asked if there is anyone in the industry who inspired or motivated him, La Aaron mentions Denzel Washington, Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Curtis “50 Cent” James Jackson III, among others.


“I take a piece of myself and I blend it with the character I’m playing to make the character come alive.”

La Aaron Mealy

When it comes to modeling and acting, it’s about the art of “re-creating” yourself, so to speak, to invent another character. This is why the topic about having alter-egos or imaginary characters comes into play a lot. When asked if he has an alter-ego or imaginary character that helps heightens his performance, La Aaron shares his method to his alter-ego and making the character come alive. Imagination and creativity go hand-in-hand with this art.

When asked what other projects he’s working on, La Aaron mentions a personal project he’s been working on for a number of years, called Peaty Rock II, as well as a hopeful role in an untitled art project in the works.

Wise words from Actor and Model, La Aaron Mealy:

“Focus on yourself. If this is your dream, do not give up on your dream. But number one is to focus on yourself.”

La Aaron Mealy

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La Aaron Mealy

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