Ike Obinnakwelu

Ike Obinnakwelu, Model


One thing you must have when it comes to the entertainment industry is confidence. Model, Ike Obinnakwelu can tell you all about this. When asked when he knew modeling was the career choice for him, he expresses how he always loved to dress well, and he received numerous compliments for his looks. He says this in a way that radiates confidence. When asked if there is anyone in the industry who inspires or motivates him, Ike mentions Kanye West and his fashion sense. He also mentions Will Smith and NBA players LeBron James, James Harden, and Russel Westbrook.

“People loved the way I dressed. The way I dress and my good looks just made a premises for me to go into modeling.”

Ike Obinnakwelu


“A day in the life for me is hanging out with my family and friends. I’m very family oriented.”

Ike Obinnakwelu

The life of a model is also a busy one. Ike elaborates on his many different activities, including exercising and grinding, and always on the go. Health and exercise are just as important as working on your passion and career, and he makes no hesitation to make sure he takes care of himself.


“A little hard work, being patience, and doing things the right way…I know I can get far in this career.”

Ike Obinnakwelu

True words spoken. When it comes working towards your passion, Ikem has a solid mindset and method that is sure to reap results. Hard work, patience, and doing things the right way is a method that has been proven many times. He even references Will Smith to set a great example.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself and I know I can wing it out.”

Ike Obinnakwelu

This is another great example at using your alter-ego in a positive and beneficial way. When asked if there is an alter-ego or imaginary character he envisions, Ike expresses his alter-ego, which is naturally confident and gives him that drive to do anything he set his mind to.

There is always something or someone that is a factor of our motivation. When asked what motivates him to get up and tackle the world head-on, Ikem expresses Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a huge motivation and inspiration to keep pushing forward towards reaching his own goals and dreams.

“Knowing that someone out there is working harder than me gives me the motivation and determination to become great.”

Ike Obinnakwelu

When asked who he has had the pleasure to meet and how have they made an impact on your career, Ike mentions meeting André “André 3000” Benjamin. He further expresses wanting to meet other heavy-hitters in the industry as well as gaining knowledge and wisdom.


Collaboration and networking in the entertainment industry is essential. Connecting with like-minded people and building long-lasting relationships can go far. Ikem expresses this when asked why collaboration is important. 

“It’s all about helping out and networking at the end of the day.”

Ike Obinnakwelu


Ike has three photoshoots and a fashion show he is working on. More details to come at a later date. Wise words from Model, Ike Obinnakwelu:

“Be yourself. You have to be confident. You can’t listen to what haters say. As long you know yourself, you will be straight. And you have to be patient. You must have tough skin and keep it pushing.”

Ike Obinnakwelu

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