Denasia Garris

Denasia Garris, Fashion Model

“Find your peace and hold it hostage.”

Denasia Garris


What does PEACE mean? That may sound like an odd question, but a relevant one and one that is seldom discussed. Fashion Model, Denasia Garris, spreads peace, positivity, and thought-provoking messages on her social media that sparks creativity. Topics that are widely discussed are beauty, passion, and determination in life and career. Yet, peace can coincide with these attributes and generate even more enhancement. It’s a full circle.

“The body is a complex machine designed by nature to serve the spirit – without the connection to the vital life force, the body is useless. Fall in love with the mind, body & soul, life is good there!”

Denasia Garris


“I did a nice pop-up with models and photographers and I literally had the best day of my life.”

Denasia Garris

We all start somewhere. When asked when she knew modeling was the career for her, Denasia elaborates on how she’s been modeling for a year now, gaining the motivation from others, who persuaded her to get into modeling. After an exciting photoshoot with other models and photographers, she went to booking more jobs and getting pictures for portfolios, and it skyrocketed from there, becoming more full-time than just a hobby.

“Tyra – I love her attitude and her drive. You can she’s a good person on the inside, and when it comes to her job, there’s no time for games.”

Denasia Garris

This is an important statement. When asked if there is anyone in the industry who has inspired or motivated her, Denasia expresses how Tyra Banks has that go-getter attitude and drive for her passion and career, all while being a good person. These are crucial attributes to possess to reap the desired success.

“I get on set and I’m here to work, and I’m here to have fun.”

Denasia Garris

“My goals…my family…knowing that I’m in the process of getting to where I want to be and I am getting up every day and working towards something is enough motivation for me.”

Denasia Garris


“The body is a temple. Treat it and love it as such.”

Denasia Garris

This statement radiates, as health and beauty are crucial. Denasia makes this statement on her Instagram followed by a sultry photo that is just as vibrant as the meaning of the message. The core of loving the skin you’re in, and she is at the heart of it.

“Beauty to me means more than the outer-look because beauty comes from within. Being good to yourself and others.”

Denasia Garris


Denasia recently left her full-time job to modeling her full-time career. She elaborates how her life is now much different than it was just a couple of months ago when she was still working the “nine-to-five”. She explains being at her scheduled shoots all day, then returning home to put in more submissions. If a shoot isn’t scheduled for the day, she would read before checking her emails, updating her portfolios, and putting in more submissions.

“It’s about this for me everyday now, because it’s now what I do.”

Denasia Garris

“Whenever I go on set, I can be whoever I need to be, and that may be an alter-ego.”

Denasia Garris

When asked if there is an alter-ego or imaginary character she envisions, Denasia expresses being naturally silly and goofy with her family and friends, and when it comes to working, she becomes whoever she needs to be to get the job done.

“I think it’s all in how I work. I’m growing so much more. From shoots I did a year ago to shoots I did last week, I’m a totally different person, and I think that was me showing growth and embodying my career, and how serious I am at my craft and being a creative.”

Denasia Garris

Wise words from Fashion Model, Denasia Garris:

“Be confident. Know that you want it. Don’t let anyone knock you down. Have love and confidence in yourself to know that you can get back up. Be a good person; that will get you a long way.”

Denasia Garris

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