New Makeup, New Look

Ever since this pandemic had hit, my online shopping has gotten worse. It has especially gotten worse with the makeup. Anyone who has been following my blog site for a while knows that I am a complete sucker for makeup. During this past month, I decided to spoiled myself with Mavie Cosmetics makeup. I have been in love with this company ever since I grabbed my hands on their “Take Me To… Stockholm” eyeshadow palette. It was no surprise to me that I was going to fun with new eyeshadow palette from Mavie Cosmetics. Let all the fun begin!


While shopping online, I decided to purchase “Take Me To…Hong Kong”. To me, the colors had no problem fitting the fall season mood. Imagine my face when I first applied three colors on my eyes for work. My primary color was city tour. This beautiful dark green color easily reflect beautifully with my skin and hair color. I wanted to bring the city tour color a little bit more on my eyes by applying the pantyhose milk tea over it. This fair camel color brought out the uniqueness of the city tour. With this color, my eyes were able to pop in color. Despite of these two colors looking so beautiful on my face, I was not finished yet. I added just a little bit of the color melting pot in the eyeshadow mix. I applied this cute barn red brown color on top of the pantyhose milk tea color. The melting pot color was able to give the pantyhose milk tea a much cute fall look that was so dazzling to the eyes. This allows the city tour color to bring more of its natural dark color to the eyes. The city tour color is able show more of its beauty all because of the two secondary colors. With this makeup, I had no problem looking fabulous for work.


For my date, I wanted the eyes to look sensational with the help of dark colors. My primary color was melting pot. This color has no problem bringing out the true beauty of my brown eyes. My secondary color was dim sum. This persian red color had no problem collaborating perfect with the melting pot color. These two types of red brought out so much energy and seduction with the eyes that it was heart throbbing. The melting pot color had no problem having the dim sum color sparkle with pizzazz and confidence. With these two colors, I looked more than amazing on my date.


For church, I kept my eye makeup fun and sweet. I started off with the color ferry ride as my primary color. This lovely indigo color kept the eyes cute and sweet. Despite its beautiful color, I wanted the ferry ride color to pop ever more. I did just that by adding the color dim sum as my secondary colors. The dim sum was able to bring out the ferry ride’s beautiful metallic color to life within my eyes. With these two colors collaborating, I was able to get this nice feminine look within my face that was so breath taking. With these two colors, my eyes were a sight to see at church.

During this whole week, I could have not picked a better a eyeshadow palette for my eyes. Mavie did not disappoint when it came down to “Take Me To…Hong Kong”. This pallet is the best friend to the eyes.

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