Chic For The Feet

It is finally cold enough for boot season!  This is one of my favorite seasons of this time of the year.  Whenever it comes down to the beautiful cold season, I always buy myself new boots.  It is so fun to go out and buy cute footwear that keeps the feet nice and warm.  During this year, I had no problem keep the feet chic and sweet! When brand new boots, I can walk into the cold season with style.

The Color…

During this year of buying boots, I decided to go to Marshall’s.  This store usually have the best footwear whenever it comes down to boots.  I always can find the best style, color, and brand in footwear.  That is why it came in no surprise when I bought my brand new boots by Carlos.  The color of the boots were the color black blair.  These jet black boots were to die for.  Whenever I buy brand new boots, I was get the color brown.  For this year, I decided it was time for a little change.  It was time for me to buy another color other than the color brown.  The color black goes with anything. They are hard to scoff up.  They are so easy to keep clean.  This color has no problem keeping an attire and feet chic for the cold weather.  With this color, I can easily rock them with confidence.


One of the reasons why I fell in love with the boots is because of the material of them.  The material of the footwear is no other than suede. This material is the best thing to wear during the cold season.  It keeps the feet nice, warm, and comfortable.  Considering that it sometimes snow in my city, rocking into these boots during the winter season would be a breeze.  I can easily take care of them.  I can easily keep them from getting wet.  With this somewhat nice cold weather in my city, showing off my love for suede boots will be east like Sunday morning.

Zip Up…

With these jet black colored boots by Carlos, they zip up from the inward sides of the boots.  When first trying on these boots, I thought I could just slip them on by not zipping them down first.  I thought the zippers were only just for design on the boots.  However, I was wrong.  It was so hard on trying to put my foot in the boot that it was not even funny.  Once I zipped down the boots, these babies fit like a glove.  My feet had just little bit of space to move in them.  However, the boots still a little tight in them.  I knew by just wearing these babies a few times, they would break in in no time.  By just trying on my brand new footwear,  from my feet to all the to my calves were looking fabulous!  With these new boots, my feet will never be the same.

When wearing these babies for the first time, I could of not been even more happier.  The boots had no problem looking phenomenal with my outfit.  I rocked these boots with confidence and passion.  With these boots, my feet is walking on cloud nine throughout the cold weather.

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