Amber Greene

  1. Why did you become a model? 

I became a model because I wanted to challenge myself to do something I’m passionate about. Often fear gets in the way of our greatest dreams and we run from it. I decided to take a different approach. 

  • What is your favorite part of being a model?

My favorite part of being a model is how it develops your personality. You become an instrument and subject of the photographer.

3. What is your least favorite part of being a model?

My least favorite thing about modeling is not being in total control of what happens.

You must focus on what the client needs.

4. How did you land your first gig? 

I landed my first gig when I was about 6 years old at America’s Mart in downtown Atlanta. I was a runway model.

5. How do you improve your modeling skills?

I improve my modeling skills by practicing new poses in front of the camera, practicing my walk, and also surfing the web about top models to learn new techniques and recommendations to improve my skills.

6. What recommendations would you make to other models?

Some recommendations I would give to other models would be to focus on the type of model you want to be, start marketing yourself and get evaluated by a professional model agent/scout.

7. Who are your role models? Why?

My role model is my grandmother. She’s my role model because she is always treats others kind. She has such a good heart and treats others well despite challenges. She carries herself as a lady should (classy). My grandmother also took etiquette classes and she used to model at a very young age. She is very fashionable and a gifted woman of God.

8. What are the most important qualities to be a successful model?

The most important qualities to be a successful model are respect, confidence, creativity, free spirit, and hard work.

9. What would you change about the modeling industry?

I would change the qualifying size. I feel most models are very small in size which gives them more opportunities on gigs. There should be an equal opportunity all size models.

10. How can you be reached?

Email would be the best way to reach me,

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