The Charismatic Miss Twitty

We spent the first part of the interview exploring words to describe Miss Twitty. I asked, name one word you would use to describe Miss Twitty. She replied with a boisterous laugh, “One word? Oh my God, just one word?” She thought for a moment then, “charismatic.” After watching her in deep thought for just that moment, I believed her. I would be sure to find out over the course of the interview.

“Charismatic would describe my personality. However, professionally, in reference to my drive and aspirations, I’d say… ambitious.” And there you have it, Miss Twitty wanted more than one word and she got it.

When asked about being a model, she mentioned that within the industry she is considered “a model who can act.” She further explained the importance of that distinction. The acting component gives her modeling personality more depth.

“Wow, modeling and acting? You have many gifts to offer.”

She flashed that enigmatic smile, “I’m a triple threat. I model, act and, though many don’t know, I sing too.”

“Well, alright, Miss Twitty. You’ll be hitting the stage in no time, right?”

“Well, actually, I do look forward to landing a singing role.”

Though, the movie and stage opportunities are appealing to Miss Twitty, she is true to her profession as an International Plus model.

She reflected on her first foray into modeling at the age of 16, when she joined Barbizon Modeling and Acting School. As a student at Barbizon, she competed in a modeling competition and scored her first signing with an agency. That relationship provided steady work for about four years.

I couldn’t help but inquire, “Why modeling? What made Miss Twitty desire to walk the runway?”

She spoke fondly about the summers she spent acting and doing voice over work for a teen acting company that paid $2K. Within another organization, she participated in opportunities to sing, write and perform raps for youths which encouraged drug free behaviors and provided HIV/AIDS education. It was during these events that she discovered modeling.

She was immediately drawn to the ‘being healthy’ aspect of models. It had always been important for her to stay healthy for her roles. Once presented with the idea of using her body to represent a product or a brand, it was a no brainer that modeling would be the key to continuing her healthy fitness habits.

She released a hearty laugh, when she said, “modeling is actually much easier than acting.” She went on to explain that there isn’t a need to memorize lines when you are walking the runway or posing for photos. She definitely enjoys it all but has received more training in modeling than her other two talents.

“Performing is my fire. When I stopped modeling at age 20, I got caught up in high level network marketing. It was business, there was a lot of success, many multi-millionaires, successful business gurus and [I had my pick of] mentors and leaders. They wanted me to go further but I didn’t have the drive to go any further.”

Even with four promotions and unlimited earning potential, Miss Twitty, still couldn’t find the drive to go on. She wasn’t happy doing all of the work. “All I wanted to do was perform.”

In 2012, she made a decision to return to the runway. She worked for a couple of agencies prior to joining Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC). Her performance opportunities have been skyrocketing since!

Of course, I had to pose the question, “What was the focus of the training at AMTC? How was it different than other agencies?” She joined AMTC after a break from the industry.

“I was reunited with my love of the profession. I was reminded of my passion. The fire was ignited, once again.”

With AMTC, the training was intentional. There were various showcases in which she could perform. She opted to perform in all 10, including areas which were usually outside of her comfort zone, such as singing in front of large crowds.

She knew that modeling would require a change in the way she managed her time. She needed to focus on herself. She would become her business. She made the leap in 2014 to Miss Twitty, LLC. When she began to put her energy and time into Miss Twitty, LLC the opportunities multiplied. Please believe, there are plenty to speak of, in addition to modeling and acting, there’s the radio show which she produces and hosts monthly.

She was encouraged by her talent manager, in 2017, to make a choice between working a high paying, full benefit corporate job or pursuing a career in modeling which would require a more flexible schedule. She made the decision in June 2017, to leave her corporate position to become self-employed and spend all of her time doing exactly what drives her… modeling.

Her advice for young people interested in modeling, “quite simply, invest in yourself.” Many times, people expect to fall into modeling, it’s important to remember that modeling goes beyond a moment. The formal training will transcend that one moment. Investing in yourself will afford endless moments to walk the runway or appear in print ads or whatever else your heart desires. She is not shy about attributing her successes to her self-investment and professional training.

“Nothing gets me more excited than performing. I like to be on stage. I like to get into character. It’s just a feeling, I just can’t explain it. I love the preparation, the eating healthy and working out and doing everything I have to do.”

“So, it feels like home?”


Miss Twitty was right from the very beginning. She is deserving of both words… charismatic and ambitious. As I’m thinking about it, let me add a third… pleasure. It was a truly a pleasure chatting with her. I am definitely looking forward to the next time.

Published by joycelyn69

Joycelyn Wells, as a writer and founder of SHAPE: Self, Health and Personal Empowerment, has decided to delve into her life for inspiration to help others in personal growth and healing. She has referred to her gifts of living and loving as a treasure trove of ideas and motivation. Her unique ability to open her life to others has credited her with being a trusted confidant. As an educator for several years, naturally, her words are offered as guidance and reassurance. Her ability to meet people where they are allows her to provide whatever is needed or wanted without sacrificing her own sense of self. In this first literary work, The Virtues of Joy, she has invited the reader to enter her mind and explore her feelings without caution. Her use of words is thorough and the details elaborate, which have often times left her readers breathless and wanting more.

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