Talent at Myeka Johnson, INC (MJI)

Fierce, encouragement, and standing ground. These are the words that describe The MJI Talent Consulting Agency. I had the privilege to interview six individuals on what it’s like working at about MJI. The more I found out about agency, the more I can see why anyone would want to represent it. Genelita, Shawn, Yasmine, Fay, Everett, and Anthony all gave me an inside scoop of what being a talent is all about during out interview. I was amazed on what this agency could be for upcoming models, actors, and talent. This agency will be the next big thing.

So tell what Talent is all about?

Fay (Yasmine’s Mother): Talent is all children and adults making an impact of the world in modeling and acting. The company is all about professional seeking. It is also about focusing on an individual’s talents. Talent uses their models to reach their goals in success and just allowing them to be themselves.

We know that the world is cut-throat when it comes down to the modeling and acting industry.  How to encourage the young models when dealing with rejection when it comes down to their race or features?

Shawn:  I always tell the child to love themselves first.  That they are going to be plenty of rejections but, there will be plenty of acceptance.  To not let one person discourage them and just love themselves.

Everett:  I would tell the model that everyone have different views of what they want but, only the views about yourself matter.  Just continue on trying and know that someone will like your perspective.  Remember, there are different categories and different expectations.  

What if the young model does not feel comfortable of doing a project that a brand wants him or her to do?

Everett:  I would talk to the brand to see if they can meet the child’s needs.  If not, we will go to another brand.  

Shawn:  Also talk to the young model that he or she does not have to do anything that he or she is not comfortable of doing.  

How to allow the young model’s to not effect their school work:

Fay (Yasmine’s Mother): I have Yasmine to focus on her school first. We would usually have a tutor or someone to bring in her homework whenever she goes.

Everett:  Education is always our first priority in Talent.  We make young models keep up with their school work.  You cannot hit the second step in life without the first. 

We all know that the student life and being a young model can sometimes be challenging,  how do you talk to young models about peers on  trying to intermediate them about their modeling career?

Fay (Yasmine’s Mother): I tell Yasmine to always be the great example, not the follower. That if someone is getting bullied, be that friend.

Shawn:  I always tell young models that it is all about how you see yourself.  Never stoop to peer pressure in order to get an approval from others.  As long as you love yourself, nothing else matters.

After having a great interview with the talent represented by MJI, I learned a lot about what the company is all about. This company is not only a great influence to their talent but, small business owners and CEOs. The MJI Talent Consulting Agency is greatest thing to happen for aspiring talent.

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