Motivation and Teamwork

Perfection, motivation, and teamwork.  These are the words that best describe high school football and basketball player, Tijay Heyward.  When having a FaceTime interview, there was so much to learn from the future of tomorrow. With so much confidence,  Heyward spoke to me oh how important dreams and goals are in life.  It was with great privilege to interview on what hard work looks like behind the field, court, and classroom.

How can you use the teachings of sports in your future goals?

By using discipline.  The motivation is to not make me lazy.  I can also use the tools I have by respecting my teachers and staff members of my school by listening to them and following their instructions.

Football and basketball is about teamwork, how can you distribute it in the future?

You have to work with employees and know that you can’t do everything by yourself.  You have to get on where you at by allowing others to help you.

Who is your biggest inspiration in your life?

The quarterback from the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers.  His work ethic is amazing.

What are the shortcomings in sports that inspires you to do better?

I am a perfectionist.  I get frustrated when I get things wrong.  I push myself to do better.

How does perfectionist helps motivate you?

When I do not do a task right, my mind will not let me get over it.  I would try until I get the task right.  One time when I was weightlifting, my body would not allow me to do not more when I tried to hit my goal.  I got frustrated up until my coach encouraged me to do more and that is when I hit my goal.  I was so happy for myself.

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years after high school?

I see myself trying to make it into the NFL.  I want to be on the Green Bay Packers team.  When I get my chance, I am up on whatever position the team gives me.

How do you manage to keep up with your education, friends, and sports all at the same time?

Most of my friends play football and basketball with me.  We all have a great bond.  Education is all about the body and mind.  I always tell my coach about my school work in order to be ahead of my education.  

What biggest accomplishments inspire you to do better as a student?

One year, I got student of the month.  It inspires me to do better.  It motivates me into knowing that nothing comes easier in life.  

Tijay Heyward has proven that hard work and dedication is the key to football, basketball, and education.  That having the drive of motivation, one can be the odds of what life would throw at them.   That having teamwork can build a strong foundation of achieving goals and great relationships with others.  With these traits in life, Heyward will have no problem getting ahead in his dreams and achievements in life.  

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