Fighting For The Dream

As one prepare for a dream, one cannot control the adversity that heads his or her way when going for that dream.  Despite of the obstacles that one faces, pushing through the hardships makes the person thrive for the dream even mor in life..  This is the beautiful story of Mrs. India Universe, Deepti Singh.  As she went through her own hardships of getting the crown, she learns from others that encouragement and being the extra helping can make dream fulfillment a little easier.

What were the biggest challenges you face when going for Mrs. India Universe?

My biggest challenge was doing everything virtually because of the pandemic.  The pageant was supposed to happen in March 2021 but, was postponed to this year.  I also had to go through spinal surgery back in October 2021.  I was restricted of lifting things with the upper body.

How did your spinal surgery inspire you?

My spinal surgery gave me a prospective in life.  It help me to see who was really for me.  My surgery gave me inspiration of what life really is all about.  It gave me inspiration on what really needs to be focused on in life.

As Mrs. India Universe, what would you tell young girls who are inspired by you?

My message to everyone is that a dream has no age or time limit.  It is important to take an action of going for your dream.  That you need to be encouraged of oneself to go for the dream.

How was the experience of being in Mrs. India Universe?

It was a great experience to meet new people everywhere.  It was a great experience to learn that each lady had a story to tell.  That our struggles are not the end of the world.  Our struggles is make us for who we are today.

What were some of things that you contestants had to do?

  During the pageant, we had to do tasks that made us feel like a star.  We were asked to do presentations such as what to do with domestic violence and had to do stand up comedy.

What was your intake on domestic violence?

People who go through it has to be encouraged to say no.  As women, we give the best to family, friends, and jobs.  It is very important to have a support system.  It is important to come out of our boundaries to talk about hard situations.  We as women, need to make ourselves strong in emotions, finances, and spiritual so that can move forward in life.  The first step is to say no of what make us uncomfortable.  

What motivated you into wanting to be Mrs. India Universe?

When giving this opportunity, I wanted to help contribute in helping females who was less fortunate to me.  I wanted to help out as much as I can to charity.

What is your next step into helping out victims in domestic violence?

So far, I helped with charity financially.  I am planning on helping out with charity physically.  I am trying to reach out to a charity called Karen in Raleigh, North Carolina to help out domestic victims.

Through seeing other’s adversities, Mrs. India Universe, Deepti Singh, thrives to be the motivation to everyone.  To living the dream, from being that dream to her peers.  She is the role model that the world needs.

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