Talent at Myeka Johnson, INC (MJI)

Fierce, encouragement, and standing ground. These are the words that describe The MJI Talent Consulting Agency. I had the privilege to interview six individuals on what it’s like working at about MJI. The more I found out about agency, the more I can see why anyone would want to represent it. Genelita, Shawn, Yasmine, Fay,Continue reading “Talent at Myeka Johnson, INC (MJI)”

Chic For The Feet

It is finally cold enough for boot season!  This is one of my favorite seasons of this time of the year.  Whenever it comes down to the beautiful cold season, I always buy myself new boots.  It is so fun to go out and buy cute footwear that keeps the feet nice and warm.  During this year, I hadContinue reading “Chic For The Feet”

Glam Up The Day

This week has been a little but hectic lately. But, I was still able to have fun with my e.l.f. makeup. The things that I did with this makeup on my face really made the week go by just a little bit more smoother for me. I had fun matching up different types of eyeshadowContinue reading “Glam Up The Day”