Talent at Myeka Johnson, INC (MJI)

Fierce, encouragement, and standing ground. These are the words that describe The MJI Talent Consulting Agency. I had the privilege to interview six individuals on what it’s like working at about MJI. The more I found out about agency, the more I can see why anyone would want to represent it. Genelita, Shawn, Yasmine, Fay,Continue reading “Talent at Myeka Johnson, INC (MJI)”

The Charismatic Miss Twitty

We spent the first part of the interview exploring words to describe Miss Twitty. I asked, name one word you would use to describe Miss Twitty. She replied with a boisterous laugh, “One word? Oh my God, just one word?” She thought for a moment then, “charismatic.” After watching her in deep thought for justContinue reading “The Charismatic Miss Twitty”


One of the topics we are studying this semester is biasness. Our debate is on whether we make decisions based on what we know or what we don’t know; our biasness. As a leader, is being biased good or bad? There are three reasons why someone would be biased towards me. I’m black, I’m aContinue reading “I AM A WOMAN AND I AM IN LEADERSHIP!”

Chic For The Feet

It is finally cold enough for boot season!  This is one of my favorite seasons of this time of the year.  Whenever it comes down to the beautiful cold season, I always buy myself new boots.  It is so fun to go out and buy cute footwear that keeps the feet nice and warm.  During this year, I hadContinue reading “Chic For The Feet”


This is something you should do if you start a new journey that requires a new career or routine. Many people aren’t aware that our subconscious plays a major part in how we think, act, and live our lives. When we make a major change in our lives, those attributes change. If not prepared, itContinue reading “REPROGRAMMING THE SUBCONSCIOUS FOR YOUR NEW JOURNEY”

Team Shipman Productions, a New Type of Publishing House

It’s Field Day at Anne E. West Elementary school. Kids are pulling ropes and falling in mud, doing relay races and making massive jump rope competitions. The smell of freshly cut grass pressed down by pint size sneakers wades in the air yet, on the bleachers next to the field is a boy, sitting alone in his white t-shirt with a bright TS drawn in a superman symbol. His teacher and coach for the day, Mr. Shipman, walks up to him and says, “What’s wrong?”