Matt Tracey

Matt Tracey, Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilder


What motivates you? What gives you the drive to reach your goals and dreams? When asked when he knew bodybuilding and personal training was the career for him, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and Bodybuilder, Matt Tracey explains how he worked in carpentry prior, but it wasn’t the right job for him. Matt also recollects a point in his life where he was emotionally bullied due to his physical appearance, and people doubting him with harsh criticism and negativity. Confidence is a huge part in achieving your goals, and it gave him the motivation he needed to push himself to make a change. Always believing in yourself and your abilities, staying positive, and not focusing on the negativity.

“If you get caught up in the negativity, you can self-destruct.”

Matt Tracey

When asked if there were any other people in the industry that inspires and motivates him, Matt mentions Brandon Flex and Bodybuilding couple, Harald and Iza.


Here is an attribute that is crucial, yet not all people portray. When asked what it means to embrace your inner beauty, Matt expresses how empathy is one of the best traits a person can have. Being nice to people and understanding what they may be going through is a universal language. When it comes to the world of bodybuilding and fitness training, empathy lies at the core.

“Just be nice to people.”

Matt Tracey


When it comes to health, persistence and consistency is key. Matt explains how this is very crucial in attaining your goals, and even more-so when it comes to health. Having a healthy diet and exercising goes hand-in-hand.  Being consistence with your diet and your workouts. Showing up everyday and holding yourself accountable will help you reach your goals.

“Personal training is more mental than physical.”

Matt Tracey

Words wise from Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder and Fitness Model, Matt Tracey:

“Start young. Don’t start late. Don’t get frustrated. Eventually it will become a habit.”

Matt Tracey

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Glam Up The Day

This week has been a little but hectic lately. But, I was still able to have fun with my e.l.f. makeup. The things that I did with this makeup on my face really made the week go by just a little bit more smoother for me. I had fun matching up different types of eyeshadow for the lovely brown eyes of mine. With a little bit of fun, my makeup could not look any better.

On Monday, I was able to get my hands on my “Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Pallet” by e.l.f. I decided to use the misty blue color as my primary color for my eyes. I wanted to have this nice ice cold look on my face. During this day, I was wearing a light blue t-shirt to work. Therefore, I wanted my eyes to match the color of my top.
I wanted my eye makeup to be bright, but not so loud on the face. In order to give me such a bright but toned down color, I added the color ivory from my customized compact from e.l.f. This color was able to tame the misty blue into a much more glamourous color. The ivory color was able to allow the sparkle of the misty blue shine within the eyes. It was able to allow the misty blue to look more unique and beautiful on my gorgeous face. With these colors together, my eyes could not look even better.

On Tuesday, I decided to go dark with the makeup. The warm weather is slowly dying out so, why not go for the much darker colors? I went for the minimal color from my “Take Me To… Stockholm” eyeshadow palette by Mavie. Minimal is this beautiful black color that anyone can rock to. The color black will always be that color that would enhance the look, or make it its own. That is why it was no problem when applying this color on my face. It had no problem enhancing the bold look of the clay brown color from my “Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Pallet” by e.l.f. The minimal color was able to give the clay brown color a much more daring and sophisticated look to it. With the minimal’s classic look, it is able to give the clay brown color a much more chocolate flavor to it. The clay brown is able to have that pure rich mocha vibe that is just enchanting to the eyes. With these two eyeshadow colors, having such a daring look can be fun.


On Wednesday, I decided to go green with hint of sparkle with it. I used the dinero from my “Annette 69” eyeshadow palette. This apple green color had my beautiful brown eyes looking so delightful. However, it still does not hurt to enhance a delightful color. I went back to the “Annette 69” eyeshadow palette and applied the unstoppable color over the dinero color. The darkish purple was cute but, it needed a little bit of an enhancement as well. I went for my “Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Pallet” by e.l.f and applied the light brown color on top of the unstoppable. This color was able to allow the two previous colors to glam up with confidence and passion. These three colors made the eyes look exciting and sweet in just one look. With these three colors, my beautiful brown eyes could not go wrong looking so amazing.Continue reading “Glam Up The Day”

Ashley Phaneuf

Ashley Phaneuf, Model, Photographer, Actress


Confidence is a very crucial attribute to have when it comes to the entertainment industry, and this especially holds true when it comes to modeling and acting. Photographer and Fashion Model and Actress, Ashley Phaneuf recollects how; when she was younger, she struggled with confidence. She goes on to express how a big passion of hers has always been modeling. Unbeknownst to her, this path would take a turn into acting. This after signing up for her first audition with her talent agency at the time. Shortly after that, she was booked with a podcast.


It is always good to have passions and go for them. Ashley explains how she was enamored with American Model, Ashley Graham, and America’s Next Top Model. This gave her the courage and confidence she needed to work towards are passion and dreams. Sometimes, all you need is that positive figure to be a role model and help steer you in the right direction.

“I want to achieve my own dreams.”

Ashley Phaneuf


A challenge is sometimes what we need to motivate us and enhance our ambitions. When asked if she would prefer to be a protagonist or an antagonist in a movie, Ashley chose antagonist to counteract to her already nice and good-spirited nature and personality. Challenges force us to step outside of our comfort zones and be more phenomenal versions of ourselves.


Collaboration is a of essence in the entertainment industry. A team working together to achieve the same goal. Also, making meaningful connections and relationships that can thrive. When asked why collaborations are important in this industry, Ashley expresses how it’s important to have a team of people with different ideas and visions working together.

Words of wisdom from Fashion Model, Photographer and Actress, Ashley Phanauf:

“Go for it. Be yourself. Do your absolute best, and you will more than likely succeed. If you don’t get it the first time, brush it off and try again.”

Ashley Phaneuf

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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, Comedian and Podcaster


One essential term and attribute that goes hand-in-hand with anything you do, but even more so crucial in the entertainment field. Comedian, Aaron Smith, travels back in time and collects how he loved making people laugh since he was younger. When asked what the most memorable part of his career is, he recollects his first show at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, where all of his friends and family attended and supporting him in his passion. The support of the people you love most is very important and helps set you up for success.

BEING YOUR SELF, being true to yourself, staying focused, and not letting anyone deter you. When asked how he deals with criticism, especially negative criticism, Aaron states how he doesn’t care. He goes on to explain how he’s always been outspoken, and it has been proven a problem amongst critics. Yet, the vigorous field of comedy is about freely and unapologetically speaking your mind.  Interestingly enough, the biggest critics of comedians are other comedians.

“At the end of the day, I’m going to be me, and I’m going to enjoy being me.”

Aaron Smith


Most people have others they look up to and aspire. When asked are there any other comedians that inspire him, Aaron mentions legendary comedians, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Eddie Murphy. He reminisces on how he used to impersonate Eddie Murphy when he was younger.

“Storytelling, I believe, is what’s missing in comedy. I like to tell a tale, and once that happens, you grab the audience and keep them engaged.:

Aaron Smith


Comedy and Podcasting is not an easy career to get into. Of course, that can be said about the entertainment field in general. Yet, Aaron expresses how one needs to stay focused. It is a lot of work and staying persistent will generate success. One definitely has to have a certain mindset. Aaron likes to stay persistent by consistently writing jokes and doing that prepping that is required to be successful. He goes on further to discuss how he would hang out at open mics and check out other comedians as well as do some freestyle of his own.

There are trials and tribulations with everything you do. There will be pros and cons to any career choice. Aaron expresses how you have an idea and stick with it. It’s going to be rough the first time around, but you have to find your niche and figure out what works for you.

Words of wisdom from Comedian/Podcaster Aaron Smith:

“Be yourself. Keep it real, and stick to what you know.”

Aaron Smith

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Ashley Tingle

Ashley Tingle, Model


What does it mean to achieve one’s goals and dreams? Anyone can dream of something or have goals, but we all know it takes more than that alone. When it comes to achieving your dreams, model, Ashley Tingle, keeps it real. A strong woman with the mind of a go-getter; she explains how you need to keep at it, no matter what. Don’t let anything or anyone persuade you. Be whoever you set your mind to and stick with it. The go-getter is the one who achieves their dreams and comes out on top.


What does it mean to believe? It means believing and investing in yourself and everything you can achieve. When asked, Ashley expresses how she believes in herself and doesn’t let anyone stop her or persuade her. 

You have to invest in yourself or nobody else will.

Ashley Tingle

What does it mean to invest in yourself? That can come with a variety of components, including your passion, your confidence, your determination, your self-esteem, and – sometimes – money. Sometimes, you have to invest money to make money. Let’s consider the other components. It is not possible to succeed if you don’t invest into these crucial, personal attributes, and that’s with anything you do.


An extremely powerful word, especially when it comes to entertainment. Take it from a professional model. You must be fierce and tackle the world head-on. Do not limit yourself, your possibilities, or capabilities.

Love the skin you’re in. Inside and out.

Ashley Tingle

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Joycelyn Wells

Writer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, Enthusiast

Finding Your JOY

What is your joy in life? What is your true calling? What is your passion? Joycelyn Wells is more than just a Writer, Author, Blogger, and Podcaster. She’s motivational, inspirational, enlightening, an enthusiast of all that breathes life. She explains how, at first, she wasn’t much of a writer, but she loved words and she loved to read. Words were her passion. Books were her joy. Lying within the world of literature was an uplifting journey that would unlock doors to what she couldn’t imagine until she took control of any fear and reservations she’s had, and she made that leap of faith.

Finding Your VOICE

What do you want to say? What is that voice inside your mind – your heart – trying to get you to pay attention to and say? Joycelyn recollects how she had a rejuvenating experience that needed to get out. She kept a journal and wrote her experiences there. That journal was that voice inside of her that was hinting to her that she needed to tell her story. She shared this journal and experience with a friend, who also informed her that she needed to finish the story and continue. Her friend was that second voice for even more motivation to finish her story. Did she finish her story. She did that and MORE.

That story would be featured in the first of her book series The Virtues of Joy, which consists of three installments; The Virtues of JoyMore Virtues of Joy, and Mor3 Virtues of Joy. This series features a compilation of the many encounters, interactions, and adventures Joycelyn has had in her life. She shares these adventures through short stories laid out in all of her bold, uncensored, unapologetic glory.

She shares a fond moment of when she met a man years ago and she asked him to give her a bath. She recollects more of this story in a blog post on her website and she titles it Patience. The moral of this story is about the virtue of patience in everything you do. In the case of the story and her encounter and experience, it was patience of oneself and carnal desires.

A statement on Joycelyn’s website that caught my attention:

I remember the day that I realized I can read about sex.

Joycelyn Wells

So…naturally and humanly, I picked her brain on this statement. She elaborates on how she was, in fact, reading a book and how the words on the page had so much passion and life in them that she was engrossed on how they made her feel. A complete stimulation and arousal of words – mentally, emotionally, physically. All of the components a great story should be.

What is the recipe of a great story? Joycelyn counts a fond moment when her granddaughter licked her finger and rubbed it over a mosquito bite she’d gotten to make it feel better and heal. A great storyteller with the love of words and it shows. More importantly, PASSION. You have to have passion; in yourself, in everything you do. The world is your stage deriving pleasure from your talent, and you are the artist.

Speaking of art, Joycelyn goes on to express how her imagination is her biggest friend. She envisions erotic experiences and sets out to on those ventures. She recollects another fond experience when she travelled to Mount Vesuvius in Italy. She had envisioned herself on this trip many times and set out to make that dream a reality. She didn’t let minor obstacles get in the way of her dream and her passion, explaining how she had a mishap where she hurt her foot and she thought it was broken.


Health, Happiness and Love are beneficial and crucial in EVERYTHING you do. In life. In your career. These are three universal components that make up who we are as individuals and how our individual lives form, progress, and excel. Joycelyn breaks it down in truth how happiness is a CHOICE. You have to choose to be happy and made choices that bring you happiness. If you’re not doing what you LOVE, what you’re PASSIONATE about, and what makes you HAPPY, then there is no point. To be happy is to look within oneself.

LOVE. What is love? What is unconditional love? Joycelyn expresses how; when you live in a place of unconditional love, you see people how they ARE. Not how you WANT them to be. Meaningful connections and relationships help shape who we are and our lives. Joycelyn elaborates on her book The Weekend of the Traveling Roses, about the adventures of Chance and Joy. She recollects a fond moment when he bought her roses and the roses traveled with them the whole weekend to all of their destinations.

Finding Your FREEDOM

What is freedom? What does it mean to be “free”? Joycelyn hosts a podcast show called Joy Exposed, and she talks about this topic among other subjects. She elaborates on how life’s situations and circumstances should not hold you back or interfere with your purpose and your passions. People should not hold you back from progressing and manifesting in life the way you see fit. Freeing yourself from any boundaries and barriers that may hold you back and learning to overcome those barriers. This goes hand-in-hand with those choices you need to make from within. She goes on to share how she starts each podcast show with a segment called “Three Cheers of Joy”, and the purpose is to discover and admire three moments of SELF celebration that doesn’t tie in with anyone outside of themselves.


Life can bring about some unfavorable trials, tribulations and struggles. There are some unsavory characters in the world with some horrible intentions. Joycelyn elaborates on how the SHAPE Series – Self Help And Personal Empowerment – is designed to dealing with what life can throw at you and overcoming it. She highlights liars, gaslighting and depression as some of the few examples of the personal battles one can have.

Future works in progress: Happiness Begins With I, which will consist of how to achieve a level of awareness and safety. She mentions Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and recognizing where you are in life, and how to get to a place of safety within yourself.

Words of Wisdom from Writer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, and Enthusiast Joycelyn Wells: Write without anyone else in mind. Be truthful to your words. Don’t write with the fear of outside criticism and judgment. What is the universe calling you to do? 

I don’t have a middle place that I exist. I’m either going to exist for the goodness of the universe, or I won’t exist.

Joycelyn Wells

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Graham Sean Weatherspoon II

Graham Sean Weatherspoon II, Retired Veteran, Actor, Motivational Speaker


What does discipline mean exactly? Retired Navy Veteran, Graham Weatherspoon shares how his experiences in the service is relatable to the world of entertainment. This includes promptness, showing up on time, in uniform, being ready to tackle the day and your “mission”.


How does one get their foot in the door when it comes to acting? Graham shares how, after he retired from the Navy, he ran for Mayor of his city. But he also had an interest in acting, getting involved in media relations in the Navy, as well as working in film. After retiring from Navy, he met a friend who knew someone who needed extras for a movie. He recollects a humorous story how his role would be a corporate officer and his instructions were to dress in corporate attire. Being originally from New York, he dressed accordingly, and turns out to be overdressed. Little did he know, that would lead to a bigger opportunity of having his own special scene in the movie where he would be the big boss. This helped pave the way to him seeking the journey of acting that would become his new journey.

He goes on to share a candid conversation with Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) ten years prior while he was filming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, where he asked him; how does one get into acting, to which Anthony responded; being at the right place at the right time. He proceeds to share how he and his kids had an encounter with Anthony and Jeremy Renner (The Avengers). He signed his headshot to Anthony, thanking him for the advice he gave him years ago.

Graham Sean Weatherspoon II and Anthony Mackie


Cinema Entertainment is an entirely different world. Especially for Graham coming from the hard, tough life of the Navy where everything is organized, prompt and strategic. But he counts how different that is when it comes to acting and cinema entertainment. It’s an art and actors are fluid. Anything can change at any given moment and you have to be along for the ride.

Why is collaboration beneficial in this industry? Graham explains how it is beneficial to work with others, and how others may have that experience or knowledge that you may not have.


Graham has played a lot of law enforcement roles in acting. But when asked what his ideal role would be, he shares how he had an antagonist role as a human trafficker who had to traffic his own daughter. He goes on to express how hard and disturbing it was getting into that role. Terrifying! But he wants to exprience all avenues with acting and roles. He doesn’t want to be tied down to any one role. And, this is important with acting and cinema entertainment. Explore all paths. Be versitile.


What story would you write? I ask Graham this question and he expresses delving into positivity and showing African American males in a positive light and getting away from the stereotypical ruse that we see today. He mentions classic drama and romance films from the 90’s (The Wood, Love Jones) that show empowerment. Versatility in cinema entertainment is important.


What is fear? So many people have many fears. What most would shy away from, Graham runs toward it, ready to embrace whatever comes his way. He recollects a candid story of when he was in the Navy and how he first wanted to be a police officer, but that position wasn’t available. So, he went into Aviation and shortly decided he wanted a career change. He went into Law Enforcement. He was submerged into the field, where he would experience a near-death situation. And, fortunately and luckily, he survived! That all ties back to adapting and conquering fear and realizing you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Fear does not exist. It’s all in your mind.

Words of wisdom from Graham Weatherspoon II: Don’t give up. Go after your passion. Do what you have to do. Be at the right place at the right time. Take any opportunity you can. Believe in yourself.

Roger D. Grubbs

Best-Selling Novelist and Publisher

What does it take to achieve your goals and dreams? Patience. Persistence. Network. Engagement. Take it from best-selling Novelist and Publication Owner, Roger Grubbs who has decades worth of invaluable experience. Getting his start in publication, advertising, marketing, and promotions, his journey was being executed from the ground up. Writing newsletter publications transformed into his love for writing novels and his very own in-house publication company, Books By Roger Grubbs. What’s next on the list? Movie production. This self-owned and self-contained publishing company is a smart business setup. They’ve already had the writing skills needed, the correct equipment and materials needed, all they had to do was get started and GO.


Do you think writing is easy? Think again. Mr. Grubbs chronicles how his first few novels were not easy to write. Yet, with dedication, determination, and persistence, he honed in on his skills and progressed and excelled. Within 10 years of his creative writing career, he wrote 61 novels. He now has 51 screenplays and counting, some which are geared to become movie productions with A-List industry personnel.  Among the likes of Chris Pratt and George Clooney.


What is your story? What is your legacy? Mr. Grubbs counts on how he generates all of his works and stories naturally and organically. His influence and inspiration comes from within to originate his own ideas. What is the key to keeping your ideas fresh? You keep building on that imagination and creativity. If you notice your work becoming boring or stale, you crank it up to make it interesting. You want to create something that people would want to read or watch over and over again. Mr. Grubbs talks about how his characters tell the story. 

Among his many screenplays, we talk candidly about the Bounty Hunter, which will be inspired by his novel of the same title. This is one of his screenplays that landed on George Clooney’s desk. Very exciting!

What will it take for an infamous bounty hunter to come out of retirement to search for Ed “The Bull” Malone, a vicious killer?

Another one of his novels mentioned to enter movie production in the near future is North By Northwest

A twelve-year-old witnesses a murder while hidding in a forbidden train car.  Years later he returns to the exact spot, holding in the palm of his hand a key he retrieved on that dreadful night.  What mysteries will the key unlock?


Take it from a veteran in the industry. Writing and becoming a published author is not as easy as some may make it seem. Then again, we don’t know their story, so maybe they have lived through the trials and tribulations; the frustrations and the stresses this industry can cause. Mr. Grubbs expresses how patience is definitely key. For one, the industry is very competitive. Writing may be one of the most competitive industries out there. You have thousands upon millions of people pursuing your niche. But you must not let that intimidate you from creating your own story.


Just as important as patience is network and publicity. Mr. Grubbs explains how he had to do countless publicity, including radio shows and online promoting. But more importantly, WORD OF MOUTH. This will be your best friend in generating buzz and attention to your work and getting your name out. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Networking and promoting is like a full-time job. You have to show up more days than not.

Wise words from Mr. Roger Grubbs: Patience, Collaboration and Networking are your best friends in this industry.

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